• New! DSP Sinewave Static UPS and Porta Solar

    A new Static range of UPS and Portable Solar solutions

  • Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

    PS 600VA, PS 600VA LCD Touch and 1000VA ECO and EX UPS models are ideal for a SOHO (small office / home office) environment.

  • Powerbanks and USB Wall charger series

    Ideal for powering your devices when on the go.

  • Online Uninterruptible Power Supply - Low and High Frequency series

    Are ideal for Data processing center, computing center, ISP, Banking, Securities, Communications, Medical equipment, etc.

  • Powersafe Laptop Supplies

    Universal and Compatible Notebook Power Adaptors and 3/4 socket surge protectors.

  • Longer Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

    Available with and without AVR

Give your computer equipment protection from powercuts,
surges and other power-related problems with our Uninterruptible Power Supply systems. Buy Powersafe and say bye-bye to powercuts!

A UPS for every need
Our Uninterruptible Power Supply systems are found in Data processing centers, computing centers, ISPs, Banks, Securities and Communications companies to small offices and homes.

Why Powersafe
One of the fastest growing UPS companies, in India, with over 2 decades of experience built on a promise of Genuine Warranty & Support and Unmatched pricing!

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Powersafe Support Centres

We've Support Centers in over 25 places in Western and Southern India.
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